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Product Description

1-Very high ergonomics: 3s Plus provides very high ergonomics in deep metal detections with 1 or 1 square head or kite head in small metal detections in 32 and 45 headings. Carbon-Aluminum arm, very small main unit and durable battery due to the field does not bother you. 2- High quality material and production: With its carbon-aluminum handle, durable battery, charger that cuts electricity when the battery is charged, high quality headset, bag and quality coils, it offers you a long-lasting use. 3-Plenty of Equipment: 3s Plus 16cm, 22x29cm, 45cm 1 ? 1 square headboard and kite head has exactly 5 headers. In addition, 3D underground imaging and gradiometer sensor can also be used if desired. 4- Very easy to use: 3S Plus requires no settings for use. You have not misread this product is a product that can be used even if you do not make any settings. When the detector is in normal mode, it automatically adjusts all settings. 5-High Depth: Forget all the deeply known detectors so far. 3S Plus can detect metal deep enough to surprise you with Pulse Induction technology.

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