Pulse 3S 3D Gradiometre

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Product Description

1 - Very easy to use: Pulse 3S has a patented one-touch ground adjustment feature which makes it easy to use the detector for the first time. It is sufficient to use the detector in the coil search position to open it by pressing the Tune button and then press the tune button again for earth adjustment. With this operation, all earth settings are made automatically and the detector is ready for use. Only these settings are sufficient for use. You do not need to make any settings other than the menu. In order to increase the depth of the detector which is ready for use, the threshold must be lowered with the için - ite button or the threshold must be increased with the için + artt?r button to increase the stability. 2 - High Stability: Pulse 3s offers you high stablite in the field with high technology and software filters. This makes Delta Pulse 3s easy and convenient for on-site calls. 3 - High Depth: Pulse 3S Pulse Induction technology is capable of detecting metal from very high depth. High depths can be obtained for large and small targets with various size heads. 4 - High Metal Separation: With Pulse 3s technology, monocoil Pulse Induction offers a level of metal separation that is rare in metal detectors. The voice separation mode in the operating modes and the pulse detectors have the feature that they cannot give any signal to the non-precious metals. 5 - Space Discovery: The Pulse 3S3D offers 2-D space detection with its patented gap locator. 6 - 3 Dimensional Underground Views: Pulse 3S3D provides you with 3-dimensional underground imaging in two ways, online and offline. In addition to this, it offers 3D underground imaging with the possibility to use automatic and manual sampling options simultaneously in both online shooting and offline shooting. This allows you to perform imaging at the same time as your pulse detector. In the online shooting, the image is created directly on the computer screen. In offline shooting, shooting is recorded in the detector memory and displayed on the computer when desired. 7 - 3 Dimensional Magnetometer with Underground Imaging: Thanks to the gradiometer added to the Delta Pulse 3S3D, you will have a complete underground imaging system. The success of the gradiometer in the detection of underground tombs, rooms, tunnels, etc. will surprise you.

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