Pulse 2

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Product Description

1 - Settings and Usage: You take full control of the detector by directly interfering with all operating parameters, such as power, gain, sampling, threshold and volume. In this way, you will have all the interventions for every environment in professional use. 1.1 - Automatic and Manual Tune: Pulse 2 offers you the option of automatic and manual tune at the same time. Thanks to the manual tune feature, you can achieve higher depths by adjusting your detector much more precisely. Or, thanks to the automatic tune mineral changes occurring in the working environment can be made by the detector tune. 1.2 - Depth Our device has Pulse depth that is known all over the world. It realizes the detection of very high depths in large metals with a square meter head. All head diameters can be deeply detected by many detectors sold on the market. 1.3 - Separation Information: The separation circuit is completely independent of the device. Therefore, the discrimination does not affect the detection depth of the device. You can get an idea of ??9??9the type of metal by looking at the differences between the bars on the screen and observing the estimated leds made by looking at these bars for you. In precious metals, the difference between two bars is high and the device predicts green and red led at the same time. In the case of precious metals, the difference between two bars is less, and our device burns red led. It is also a warning that red led metal is detected.

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