Wireless EMF

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Product Description

EMF sensor is a technology that works as an active Electromagnetic Magnet (EM) system. It is used to find structures such as underground human structure, grave-room-tunnel structures, in-chamber carved grave spaces, all large scale metals, habitats and historical textures. Since the EMF sensor is an active ElectroMagnetic (EM) system, it offers high sensing distance, ease of use and stable operation. It is suitable for use in areas with inert metal as it detects only large-scale metals that it does not detect small and superficial metals together. Android system operation allows you to use both your mobile phone and your tablet. With the real-time display feature, you can also make calls without the need for 3D or 2D imaging. You can see the image instantly on the tablet screen with the live shot feature. Thanks to this product, which is 100% indigenous design and production, the underwater imaging process is very easy!

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